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Sale of legal musical CDs and DVDs of Russian performers.
Acquaint yourself with the range of discs.
Buy discs in out shop in the trading centre.
Order discs online and get them by post.
The list of the new CDs is on the page New CDs.
You are at the official site of shop No B2-232 located in the Gorbushkin Yard trading centre, near Bagrationovskaya metro station in Moscow.
The former name of the site (former name of our shop) is in memory of those legendary times when we traded at weekends at Gorbushka in the park near DK Gorbunova.
On this site you can order legal musical CDs of Russian performers. To do it, you need to choose from new CDs or from "Catalogue and order of discs" and send the list of discs you liked to this e-mail. After information processing you will get an answer about possible variants of getting your order. You can get compact discs in Gorbushka trading centre (Moscow, Bagrationovskaya street, look "How to find us in the trading centre").
You can pay in rubles upon receipt.
You can also get discs by post.
Our shop works from 10:00 to 21:00, 7 days a week.
Any on-line information connected to working hours of our shop or the trading centre is displayed on this page.

If you forget the address of our site, you can always find it at www.yandex.ru by key words "russian music" or "горбушка"


Discs which were not available for long are on sale now. Original Ekaterinburg editions:

Самойлов Глеб (из Агаты Кристи) "Маленький Фриц"

Телевизор "Шествие рыб"

Асадуллин Альберт "Дорога без конца" (1987г.)

Белый Острог "Peculiar reality"

Белый Острог "Забытое Имя"

Шахрин Владимир/Кукушкин Вадим (Шалуны на Луне)

Водопад им.Вахтанга Кикабидзе "Водопад отвечает на письма"

несколько дисков В.Кузьмина

Морозов Юрий "Суицидальные танцы северных славян"

несколько дисков из серии "Антология уральского рока", в т.ч.

Наутилус Помпилиус "Подъём"

Трек "The Best. 1980-1983"

Урфин Джюс'96 "5 минут неба"

Белкин Егор "Около Радио"

See details in the price list ("Catalogue of the discs"